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In the US about 800,000 Americans have stroke and on

average 130,000 Americans are killed by it. Making stroke

the third cause of death in the US. Stroke is the leading

cause of serious long-term disability. With more than

4.4 million stroke survivors living currently.

By recognizing stroke signs and symptoms of sudden

onset “Facial weakness, Arm weakness, Speech difficulties,

Time – call 911” the incidence of permanent and disabling

disability can be reduced significantly. It is critical that the

individual with stroke goes to the emergency room as soon

as possible for further evaluation by a board certified

vascular / stroke neurologist. One may have up to a maximum of 4.5 hours to receive thrombolytics (TPA). Every minute of delay in reopening of clogged artery is equal to loss of an average of about 1.9 million neurons, 14 billion synapses, and 7.5 miles of myelinated fibers. As any minutes lost will lead to a significant loss of brain function with prolonged hospitalization, rehabilitation, disability, reduction in activity of daily livings, major burden on the family and not to mention in resources and costs.

To reduce brain damage, we need to further reduce this critical stroke evaluation & intervention time. Distance and time becomes critical for individuals who live farther from the local ED. We are proposing the addition of "Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU)” to existing emergency medical system (EMS). MSU is a specialized and dedicated stroke ambulance equipped with an ambulatory CT scanner, laboratory, stroke trained registered nurse. This allows at site evaluation and management of the stroke victim by telestroke radiologist & neurologist. Once the patient meets the requirement, the RN places an IV line TPA / clot buster is administered en route to the hospital ED. If you agree please sign this petition.

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